Pulpcore Meeting Minutes

The pulpcore meeting is the place to discuss features and issues that will affect the pulpcore codebase. It’s mostly attended by pulpcore committers and plugin writers, but anyone interested in pulpcore can come.


Tuesdays at 9AM - 10AM Eastern Time


On Google Meet
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/yxa-iwya-rjc
Or dial: ‪(US) +1 404-567-5087‬ PIN: ‪206 616 082‬#
More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/yxa-iwya-rjc?pin=4697655556300


Anyone can add to the agenda

June 1, 2021


Action Items

  • [bmbouter & dalley] add tasking env var to django 3.2 epic
  • [dkliban] to engage contributor @dannysauer and help with their PRs
  • [dkliban] file issue to update CI to use python 3.7 and the single container to use python 3.7
  • [ipanova] set up a RBAC meeting
  • [ipanova] reach out to Melanie and ask for a meeting to address Danny’s feedback + team prefers survey
  • [ttereshc] come up with a proposal for plugin removal
  • [dalley and bmbouter] to review tasking system PR from @x9c4

June 8 2021


Action Items

  • [bmbouter & dalley] add tasking env var to django 3.2 epic (Task #8488: [EPIC] Upgrade to django 3.2 - Pulp)
  • [dkliban] to continue working with @dannysauer and help with their PRs
  • [ttereshc] come up with a proposal for plugin removal
  • [dalley and bmbouter] to review tasking system PR from @x9c4
  • [dkliban and daviddavis] use new release automation to release pulp_file 1.8.0
  • [mdellweg] setup a meeting for tasking issues

June 15 2021


Action Items

  • [dkliban] to continue working with @dannysauer and help with their PRs
  • [ttereshc] come up with a proposal for plugin removal
  • [mdellweg and bmbouter] continue old tasking system investigation
  • [dkliban] update and move release guide to GH community repo’s wiki. email pulp-dev with link to new guide.
  • [bmbouter] to file issue on how to generically load urls into pulp

June 22 2021


  • Making new-style tasking system the default with 3.14?
  • content app is shown as online for quite a while (~20 sec) after being stopped
  • Confused by https://pulp.plan.io/versions/242
    • I thought we were using milestones for releases?

Action Items

  • [ttereshc] file an issue to support graceful shutdown for content app
  • [mdellweg] switch new-style tasking to be enabled by default and improve docs on how to switch between
  • [ipanova] delete milestone https://pulp.plan.io/versions/242 and move onto 3.15
  • [mdellweg] plan a deep dive for the new tasking system

June 29 2021

Action Items

  • [bmbouter] to ask katello if they want pulp to continue investigating old-style tasking system

July 6, 2021

Action Items

  • [dkliban] pick tentative 3.15 date and schedule first go/no-go meeting

July 13, 2021

Action items

July 20, 2021

July 27, 2021

Action Items

  • [ttereshc] to file a task to automate more cherry-picking process
  • [fao + dkliban] follow up with bin about upgrade issue

August 3, 2021

Action items

  • [dkliban] to close @dannysauer PRs
  • [ipanova] to schedule docs day and prep a query for the next meeting

August 10, 2021

  • 3.15 pulpcore workers use 10 times as many connections to the DB during sync as they did in 3.14
    • in 3.14 - 1 extra db connection during file repo sync
    • in future 3.15, without the wrapper - extra 9 connections
    • in future 3.15 with the wrapper - extra 12 connections (but overall number of connections can be limited)
    • investigation continues
  • Full Django 3 support will possibly require a few new patches in core areas to address the connection issue
    • Technically they might not fit the backport policy upstream
    • We can always apply them downstream-only, but also…
    • Without the model changes (using the new JSONField) there will be a tremendous number of deprecation warnings logged on startup
    • Should we find a way to hide the warnings and proceed with backports or should we make 3.15 the minimum recommended version for supporting Django 3?
      • No backports, 3.15 only for official support
  • [osapryki] State of Token Authentication support in pulpcore.
    • no progress, won’t be in 3.15
    • need to create a new plugin
    • [osapryki] drf auth token has security concerns, encourage not to use it
    • needs to be in 3.16
  • pulp_file release with pulpcore 3.15 compatibility?
    • let’s wait for now, there are might be changes required for 3.15 compatibility
  • many duplicate key errors in postresql logs
  • 3.14.4
    • cherry picks are done
    • dralley to release

Action items

  • [osapryki and dkliban] to get the list of proposed projects for token auth support and check with internal security teams

August 17, 2021

  • 3.15 release is postponed till next week
    • refactor code to stop running async code inside a transaction, dkliban is on it
    • mdellweg to release next week
  • Issues with gunicorn
    • concurrent chunk upload, with concurrency 25+, e.g. docker push
    • gunicorn prematurely closes the connection
    • need a lead, might become urgent
  • Docs day query https://tinyurl.com/uc59aa5k

August 24, 2021

  • 3.14.z release
    • waiting on the last item to be investigated (encoding issue observed in rpm but potentially a pulpcore problem)
    • dalley to finish cherry-picks
    • ttereshc to release
    • fao89 to release installer
  • Move docs day to next week? +1
  • 3.15 release on Thursday (tentative)
    • everything needs to be merged by tomorrow EOB

August 31, 2021

September 7, 2021

Action items

September 14, 2021

September 21, 2021

September 28, 2021

  • Proposal: Redis should be optional by default
  • Supported auth in url format?
  • Check-in on Roles progress
    • models are finished
    • permissions are being checked.
    • some helper functions for queryset filtering and checking permissions
    • creation_hooks (formerly known as permissions_assignment) with hooks for roles
    • roles are part of the access policy
      • may change due to concerns
        • want to allow admins to modify roles, but not the rest of access policy
      • options
        • keep it that way
        • move default roles as a class attribute in the viewset; post migrate signal; add REST for roles +1
        • add REST for roles, ship default as a migration
    • rewritten access policy for tasks as an example
    • Still need API views for listing Roles, to assign roles, and to remove roles

Action Items

[all] look at backporting proposal Automating backports
[bmbouter] to write up issue about pulp not operating properly when redis is not configured

October 5, 2021

Action Items

[all] look at backporting proposal Automating backports
[ttereshc] will talk to build team about only tagging pulp_manifest without releasing to pypi
[dkliban] write up a task for a new workflow in pulp-oci-images that will rebuild certain images weekly