Increasing the "max consecutive replies"

We often have someone run a meeting and post the minutes on discourse. For example here is the pulpcore meeting minutes thread. Discourse has a feature that limits the number of back-to-back postings (without another reply) to 3 which is problematic. Is there some way to increase this number or disable it entirely?

Yep, that’s configurable.

We have a “max consecutive replies” in the admin panel, posting section.

However, this is site wide. I am not opposed to make it unlimited or (very high), but now I think about it, wouldn’t it generate a lot of notification on that topic ?

I guess we can give a try and see how it goes.

How often is the meeting run ?

Most meetings are weekly. Typically a person will run it for maybe 3-6 months before the role rotates.

For the smaller teams there can also be no rotation.

So no one opposed, I changed the max consecutive replies to 50. If that’s not enough, we can increase later.