Pulp-ui meeting minutes

Seeding with notes from 1-OCT-2021:

From: dkliban@redhat.com:

It was great meeting you all today! Here is the first assignment for you all: Welcome UMass Lowell students!

Next you should try to get Pulp running either inside a VM or on your laptops. There are two options for doing that:



If you run into any problems or don’t know where to start, please reach out to us on Matrix: Getting Help | software repository management

Once you have pulp installed, you can use the CLI to interact with it:


The code base for the Pulp UI project is here: https://github.com/pulp/pulp-ui

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8-OCT-2021 minutes

From: daviddavis@redhat.com

Here are my notes/links from today’s meeting. If someone wants to start a discourse thread, I’m happy to drop it in there too.

How to install Fedora as a guest OS with VirtualBox:

Once you have Fedora installed, you should be able to login, run sudo dnf install podman, and then follow this guide:


Sites for sharing code/errors/etc:


Today’s demo (which uses Pulp 3 CLI):

The test rpm repo used for today’s demo:


Grant’s braindump on starting up with onecontainer:

Project description in Hackmd : Pulp 3 Web UI - HackMD