Welcome UMass Lowell students!

Students from University of Massachusetts Lowell (https://uml.edu) will spend the next two semesters working on a Web UI for the Pup RPM plugin. The project description is here[0]. In addition to communicating here, students will be communicating with the community via Matrix[1] chat using a Element or some other client[2].

The student will introduce themselves in this thread to the rest of the Pulp community by providing

  • username on Matrix
  • interests
  • any other background information they think would be interesting to share

[0] Pulp 3 Web UI - HackMD
[1] Getting Help | software repository management
[2] Element Secure Messenger | Get Started


Hi, I’m David.

  • My matrix username is davidd
  • My interest are Linux/open-source (obviously), learning new programming languages, and bicycles
  • I’ve been at Red Hat for 9 years and am hoping to help get this project started

Hi, I am Dennis.

  • My matrix username is dkliban
  • My interests include open source communities, juggling, and being a dad
  • My first language is Russian and I’ve been working on Pulp since 2014.

Hi there, I’m Grant.

  • My matrix username is ggainey
  • My interests include the social impacts of The Internet and the open-source mindset, 3d printing, and Stellaris.
  • I’ve been with Red Hat for 15 years and Pulp for 2, and in a far-distance past life I did real-time radar processing.

I’ve been thinking about Pulp’s content-handler-UI, which is the last stretch-goal for this project. Figured I’d hop in and pay attention to what y’all are doing this semester :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Stephanie!

  • My username is Stephanie_la

  • My interests include exploring open source projects,communities, and connections, challenging new projects, chess, learning new programming languages, exploring the cybersecurity field, and collecting vinyl.

  • I am a senior interested in pursuing a position here after graduation. I also have interest working with Linux, UI projects like Pulp, or the openshift security project. In the past, I have experience working with a research group about cybersecurity education and some UI knowledge from my co-op. I am very excited to start contributing, strengthening my skills, and learning more about the Pulp project!


Hello! I’m Tony.

  • My matrix username is tony-dam
  • my interests vary from a range of things, but to narrow it down, I love to eat and sleep. A lot. Within coding, I think I’m most interested in web development, specifically frontend and messing with UI. I like burning through my money on stuff I probably don’t need such as spending in games.
  • I’m currently a senior ready to graduate by the end of Spring 2022. I have some GUI experience from last year (completing GUI I&II and interning at a company to help polish their website), both, which will hopefully be helpful for this project. Overall, looking for more experience working with others in sort of a “work environment”

Thank you all for this opportunity and I look forward to working with everyone here for the next two semesters!


Helloooo I’m Saema!

  • My Matrix username is saema

  • My interests range from reading, psychology, economics, history, and, more recently, UI/UX design, more specifically, the human-computer interaction side.

  • I’m in my fourth year looking towards graduating in the upcoming spring semester. Very excited to be a part of this project and gain some hands-on experience that can help to make real individuals’ lives easier. I’m a passionate supporter of the open-source movement; having the opportunity to contribute to a project of that nature while working with a company that also believes in open source is very exciting to me!

Looking forward to working with everyone! :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Seneca.

  • My matrix username is senecaqanderson
  • My interests include reading and playing the viola. Career-wise, I plan on specializing in healthcare technology, so I am interested in learning about the technologies used in the medical field, especially AI and ML.
  • I am a junior, and will be graduating in December 2022. At my two summer internships at MITRE, I worked on two different React applications, one of which was open source (mcode-extraction-ui).

Hi I am Stanley,

  • My matrix name is stanley.shih
  • My personal interest lies in sports and reading, specific foreign literature. For technology interest-wise, I am interested mostly in the backend in terms of development, and optimizing the backend logic for products.
  • I am currently a senior and will be graduating in Spring 2022. Looking forwards to work alongside with all the talented engineers from RedHat on this project.