Welcome UMass Lowell students!

Students from University of Massachusetts Lowell (https://uml.edu) will spend the next two semesters working on a Web UI for the Pup RPM plugin. The project description is here[0]. In addition to communicating here, students will be communicating with the community via Matrix[1] chat using a Element or some other client[2].

The student will introduce themselves in this thread to the rest of the Pulp community by providing

  • username on Matrix
  • interests
  • any other background information they think would be interesting to share

[0] Pulp 3 Web UI - HackMD
[1] Getting Help | software repository management
[2] Element Secure Messenger | Get Started


Hi, I’m David.

  • My matrix username is davidd
  • My interest are Linux/open-source (obviously), learning new programming languages, and bicycles
  • I’ve been at Red Hat for 9 years and am hoping to help get this project started

Hi, I am Dennis.

  • My matrix username is dkliban
  • My interests include open source communities, juggling, and being a dad
  • My first language is Russian and I’ve been working on Pulp since 2014.

Hi there, I’m Grant.

  • My matrix username is ggainey
  • My interests include the social impacts of The Internet and the open-source mindset, 3d printing, and Stellaris.
  • I’ve been with Red Hat for 15 years and Pulp for 2, and in a far-distance past life I did real-time radar processing.

I’ve been thinking about Pulp’s content-handler-UI, which is the last stretch-goal for this project. Figured I’d hop in and pay attention to what y’all are doing this semester :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Stephanie!

  • My username is Stephanie_la

  • My interests include exploring open source projects,communities, and connections, challenging new projects, chess, learning new programming languages, exploring the cybersecurity field, and collecting vinyl.

  • I am a senior interested in pursuing a position here after graduation. I also have interest working with Linux, UI projects like Pulp, or the openshift security project. In the past, I have experience working with a research group about cybersecurity education and some UI knowledge from my co-op. I am very excited to start contributing, strengthening my skills, and learning more about the Pulp project!


Hello! I’m Tony.

  • My matrix username is tony-dam
  • my interests vary from a range of things, but to narrow it down, I love to eat and sleep. A lot. Within coding, I think I’m most interested in web development, specifically frontend and messing with UI. I like burning through my money on stuff I probably don’t need such as spending in games.
  • I’m currently a senior ready to graduate by the end of Spring 2022. I have some GUI experience from last year (completing GUI I&II and interning at a company to help polish their website), both, which will hopefully be helpful for this project. Overall, looking for more experience working with others in sort of a “work environment”

Thank you all for this opportunity and I look forward to working with everyone here for the next two semesters!


Helloooo I’m Saema!

  • My Matrix username is saema

  • My interests range from reading, psychology, economics, history, and, more recently, UI/UX design, more specifically, the human-computer interaction side.

  • I’m in my fourth year looking towards graduating in the upcoming spring semester. Very excited to be a part of this project and gain some hands-on experience that can help to make real individuals’ lives easier. I’m a passionate supporter of the open-source movement; having the opportunity to contribute to a project of that nature while working with a company that also believes in open source is very exciting to me!

Looking forward to working with everyone! :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Seneca.

  • My matrix username is senecaqanderson
  • My interests include reading and playing the viola. Career-wise, I plan on specializing in healthcare technology, so I am interested in learning about the technologies used in the medical field, especially AI and ML.
  • I am a junior, and will be graduating in December 2022. At my two summer internships at MITRE, I worked on two different React applications, one of which was open source (mcode-extraction-ui).

Hi I am Stanley,

  • My matrix name is stanley.shih
  • My personal interest lies in sports and reading, specific foreign literature. For technology interest-wise, I am interested mostly in the backend in terms of development, and optimizing the backend logic for products.
  • I am currently a senior and will be graduating in Spring 2022. Looking forwards to work alongside with all the talented engineers from RedHat on this project.

I just joined this community and I’m so far impressed with how inclusive and welcoming it is.

  • I’ll have to look up my Matrix name.
  • I’ve been involved with open source since 1992 and working in nterprise software vendors for the past 20 years.
  • I moved my family from California to Massachusetts in 2021 and setting up my new homelab, I discovered Pulp.
  • I’m open to answer questions about how to get into the industry and I see some recent grads in this forum. Feel free to reach out if you like. I’m blaise at gmail dot com and please put the word Pulp in the subject line. (or contact me here, if you’re not in a rush)

Hey @blaisep-sureify
Welcome to the Pulp Community!
Thank you for kind offer to those getting started with their careers.
I’m super curious about your experience with Pulp to date.
Have you managed to install it? If so, how?
What kind of repositories are you interacting with?
In general, how are you finding everything?
We’re happy you found us!

All the best,


So, I’m planning to use the ansible role on my fedora 35 server. My hope is to cache my pypi and rpm downloads on my home network because I will run ci and reuse components frequently.


Hey @SenecaQAnderson @stanley.shih @saema @Tdam @SLa

I help out a bit with the Pulp community and I was wondering if I could ask you about your experiences looking at Pulp for the first time over the last few months.

I was sharing this extract from a book with @x9c4 earlier and thought to stop and ask you directly. If we swap out the dramatic arts references and think about it in terms of engineering education, I think the message of the passage still holds true.
In open sourced software, I think there is a great culture of showing the half-finished process (maybe for too long sometimes :wink: ).

I think that because you’re young in your engineering careers and new to Pulp, you might provide some insights that might help all of us understand better the challenges.

What was the biggest challenge for you so far?
Was there anything particularly helpful as you start out?
Is there anything you had wished you knew that you know now?

Hopefully, together, we can demystify things :slight_smile:


Thanks for your question!

Personally I think one of the biggest challenges for me is understanding how to read, understand, and write Typescript components, since this is something I haven’t seen often and wasn’t taught actively in academic classes. The curriculum at school focuses a lot on mid to low level programming languages, and would have an elective or two focused on web UI applications/ web development. I only aim to improve and get better so I can efficiently write code without questioning myself frequently.

Things that helped me when I started working on this were documents on how to use Pulp, tutorials to teach me how to write Typescript components and JavaScript syntax, and the help and guidance of my teammates and Dennis and Grant.

Lastly, I wished I had more background knowledge with JavaScript (front end development), Git, and containers. However, getting exposure to these concepts now only makes it better, because I know about them now in my most recent experience/ memory! My biggest takeaway is that everyone starts learning somewhere. This project is one of the places where I can say that statement is true for me.

I hope this helped!


(This is the real Blaise, I liked this community so much, I’ve decided to sign up with my “permanent” address.)

The big news for me since January is that I got transferred from product management to engineering as the first SRE/DevOps engineer. I’m setting up a new CI/CD toolchain based on zuul-ci, Gerrit code review and k8s.

I keep hearing how hard it is for young people to break into the industry.
I’m available to answer questions.
I also encourage team programming, like https://youtu.be/906fZYsXatY and https://youtu.be/HG5wVTYQ-yg .

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