Pulp_file will become part of pulpcore 3.40.0

Starting with pulpcore 3.40.0, the File plugin will be installed at all times. pulp_file 1.15.0 will be an empty package that is compatible with pulpcore>=3.40.0.

Users will no longer have the option to not include the File plugin in their deployment.

This change is needed to simplify the development process. Please voice any concerns about the change in this thread.


Does this mean the pulp_file code will move into the pulpcore repository and pulp_file will be archived or are they somehow combined at release time, making this a pure packaging/delivery change?

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yes. User visible is that you cannot not have pulp_file active.
So in a way for plugin writers, this means file components are always available.

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Since one consequence of this move is that pulp_file will release in lock step with pulpcore, the question arises how we want to version pulp_file.
What version schema do you prefer?

  • pulpcore X.Y.Z => pulp_file X.Y.Z (3.40.0 → 3.40.0)
  • pulpcore X.Y.Z => pulp_file (X-2).Y.Z (3.40.0 → 1.40.0)
  • pulpcore X.Y.Z => pulp_file (X-2).(Y-24).Z (3.40.0 → 1.16.0)

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This poll will close when we reach pulpcore 3.39.0.
It is possible that technical limitation will rule out one or more of these options.

The main piece of this merge has happened in pulpcore’s main branch. We expect a release with it any time now.

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If all goes sufficiently smooth, we discussed that pulp-certguard is next on the line to be considered for merging.


This merge has been done. Note, there are still some loose ends to pick up on the docs part.

Also if you are using oci-env be sure to add the up to date main branch of pulp_file to allow the bindings to compile properly.

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