Pulp-2to3-migration plugin end-of-life (EOL) date

The purpose of the pulp-2to3-migration plugin is to help with the move from Pulp 2 to Pulp 3.
Pulp 2 is approaching its end of life at the end of this year (?), Pulp 3.20 will be a release with some breaking changes for plugins, so it’s a good moment to stop any further development for the pulp-2to3-migration plugin.

The suggestion is to have pulpcore 3.19 as the last supported release for that plugin. The effort is tracked here.

We also need to pick the EOL date when we stop maintaining/supporting the plugin completely. Should it be the same date as Pulp 2 EOL or later?

Please share any thoughts or concerns.


I think picking the same EOL date sounds like a fine idea, since the plugin is kind of part of the whole Pulp2 ecosystem. There is no use for the plugin once your Pulp2 is decommissioned, so extending its EOL beyond that suggests to keep Pulp2 around for longer.

Realistically speaking, if a bug came along next week that wasn’t needed for 0.11, how much effort are we really going to spend on that? If there was a bug that did impact 0.11 and we fix it, how much testing would we do against mainline? If it wasn’t a clean cherrypick, would we go through the effort to fix it and then retest it for the newer branch?

I feel like scheduling a faster EOL is probably more honest. We know we will need to support 0.11 for longer, but mainline is probably not going to be getting very much attention, especially given that we only really know of a single user (or maybe 2 or 3, I forget) who migrated standalone Pulp instances outside of Katello. Those users will still have a fairly clear migration path (just use 3.14 or 3.18 or something), and Katello users won’t need to think too much about it since most things are handled / documented for them.

That is assuming that we make any further changes - it has been 2 months since the last one, and we’ve only made ~6 total in the past 6 months.

So I’d suggest we not tie it to Pulp 2’s EOL, and pick a date like June 15th or June 30th. Thereafter we would just work directly against the 0.11 branch

I am pretty sure there will be users who will upgrade only after pulp2 goes EOL for the reasons of not willing to undergo such a complex migration and postponing to the extent possible the need to learn pulp3. Or purely they cannot upgrade because, for example, they are waiting on some feature which is a deal breaker for them, like RBAC for rpm plugin.
Ideally and user way friendly it would be great to have EOL for the migration plugin few months after pulp2 EOL

It has been decided that pulp-2to3-migration plugin reaches its EOL on December 31, 2022. The last supported pulpcore version is 3.19.


Migration plugin reached its EOL and the github repo was archived.