Http/https Web admin GUI

How to configure pulp-oci-images to have a “Web admin GUI”

Expected outcome:
To have a “Web admin GUI” as in the container

Pulpcore version:
Latest available pulp-oci-images

Pulp plugins installed and their versions:
Latest available pulp-oci-images

Operating system - distribution and version:
Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS

Other relevant data:
I tried reading the documentation but I’m really lost on how to do this.

Hey @Music, are you talking about the Django UI admin site? We removed it in 3.19 and most likely won’t add it back. You can find the changelog here: Changelog — Pulp Project 3.19.0 documentation along with the explanation why we removed it. All the features provided by the admin site can now be handled through User, User-Roles, Groups & Group-Roles APIs: Pulp 3 REST API documentation.


The main reason is: It’s unsafe to use.

What would you guys suggest using, the rest api or the cli for doing anything needed to be done/setup for users, repositories etc ?

We’re big fans of pulp-cli. It covers a lot of the user/group/role use-cases.

If/when/as you find gaps, you can go to the REST API directly (which is what the CLI is talking to, it doesn’t know anything “magic” outside of what the REST calls provide)