What the current recommended way to run Pulp3 in production?

I’m evaluating various products to replace my company’s yum-repos, I really like pulp and I’ve got a good high level architecture what I want to push out.

The question I have before I start is… is the docker-compose considered production ready and if not what is the recommended way to go?


I don’t have a full answer, but this topic seems relevant!

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It is hard to say what is production ready as it depends on your requirements,
what is production for one use case may not be for others.

We gather all the installation methods here

As you mentioned docker-compose,
please take a look at:


If you want any feature in particular, please file an issue:

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I recommend using docker-compose if that is what you are comfortable using[0]. There is also a multi-process container that let’s you run all the services in one container. The multi process container runs 2 pulpcore-workers by default, but you can change that with an environment variable[1].

[0] pulp-oci-images/images/compose at latest · pulp/pulp-oci-images · GitHub
[1] Multi-Process Images - Pulp OCI Images


Thanks I decided to go with the multi-process containers for now.