Welcome to the Pulp Community Discourse!

Traditionally, the Pulp community centred all discussions and communications around two primary mailing lists:


We received feedback and witnessed for ourselves that the barrier for entry is quite high:

  • You have to subscribe to the mailing list to ask one question about Pulp
  • The signup criteria requires you to complete a recaptcha, which is blocked in some geographic locations
  • The mailing list itself can be hard to find
  • Mailing lists are outdated.

For a while, we have been trialing GitHub Discussions, and in general, we’ve seen an uptick in questions and discussion when compared to our general mailing list, however there were a number of concerns:

  • Anyone using GitHub regularly is flooded with GitHub notifications. They are hard to filter just to follow discussion in the Pulp Community.
  • The discussions forum is not on a Pulp project level in GitHub, but buried within a Community level. It would be difficult for someone without a direct link to find us.

Because of this, we have decided to trial an instance of Discourse for a few months.

Please note that discourse.pulpproject.org is now live and open for discussions and topics.
You can authenticate with your GitHub account.
You should also be able to subscribe to categories, for example, announcements, that interest you.

Please use the Community category for any feedback you might have about our new Discourse.

If we have consensus, we will make this permanent.