Virtual PulpCon 2023 Call for Proposals!

Virtual PulpCon 2023 Proposals

Where?: Online!
When?: November 6-10, 2023, 0800-1200 GMT-5 (US EDT)
CFP ends: Sept 20, 2023
CFP interest voting (if needed): Sept 21 - Sept 29, 2023

Virtual PulpCon is coming and we would like to welcome you and encourage to participate in any way you prefer, whether it’s presenting, active participation in discussions, or just listening. Similar to what we did for Virtual PulpCon 2022, we will host half-day sessions, with presentations recorded and made available on our youtube channel.

To propose a session for PulpCon 2023, please add it to the list below, along with your name. Add an estimated timeframe (30 or 60 min) for the session. Each talk should leave at least 10 min at the end (5 for Q&A and 5 for a break).

The CFP ends on Sept 20th.

We are especially interested in:

  • Talks or demos of interest to existing or new Pulp users
  • Talks by users or integrations who use Pulp: pain points, workflows, show-and-tell
    • Of particular interest would be “operational” experience - lessons learned from running Pulp in production
  • Discussions of hard problems facing the Pulp community, with an emphasis on the “what” and not the “how”
  • Content of interest to plugin writers

For proposals, please define your “intended audience”, preferably with a focus on either “developers” or “users”.

NOTE : It’s fine to add a “rough idea” for a talk below, to be refined as we get closer to PulpCon!

If you have any questions/comments, feel free to add those as nested bullet points too.

Note that we plan to leave some timeslots open for topics that come up during the week of PulpCon.

Talk Proposals:


[Focus] "Title" - Intended duration - Speaker's Name)
    * short description

[USER] “Pulp Domains and pulp_rpm” - 30min - ggainey

  • Overview with examples of using Domains in the RPM world

[NEW USER] “Intro to Pulp” - 25 min - @bmbouter (collaboration welcome)
* Feedback from - Give an introductory talk on what pulp is, what use cases it solves, maybe some examples, how to get started if pulp sounds like it might be useful to you.

[USER & DEV] “Year in Review & Look Ahead” - 50min - @Robin_Chan maybe @goosemania @bmbouter)

  • What have we done since last PulpCon, What is new in Pulp
  • Roadmap and what to expect in the future

[ADMIN & DEV] “Balancing Act between Services and Products” - 25min + 5min - @x9c4

  • How fast stable releases help us to serve both worlds.
  • What admins can expect.
  • What plugin devs can expect from the deprecation policy.

[ADMIN & DEV] “A Year of Data” - 25min + 5min - @bmbouter (collaboration welcome)

  • We have collected quite some analytics data from Pulp in the wild.
  • What do the graphs tell us?
  • How do we protect privacy?
  • What metrics would you like to see / be willing to share?

[USER & DEV] “Pulp at Microsoft” - 25min + 5min - @davidd

  • How we rearchitected using Pulp along with other FOSS and Azure services
  • Our pain points with Pulp
  • What features we’d like to see in Pulp and how we can collaborate on them

[CI/CD USER & DEV] “Workshop: Ready to use Pulp CI jobs for everyone?” - Unsure min - @quba42

  • As part of our internal CI, we have built a small library of CI jobs that interact with our Pulp instance. Some of it is pretty particular to our use case, but some of it is architecturally quite general.
  • The purpose of this session is to see to what extent the approach could be generalized to provide a general library of Pulp focused CI building blocks for everyone.
  • I will start with an overview of what we have done for our use case, and then invite open discussion.

[USER & DEV ] “Building Pulp RPMs with PEP-517 compliant packages” - 25min + 5min - @Odilhao

  • To package Pulpcore 3.28+, it was necessary to build otel packages, it’s not possible build those packages with setuptools, tighten your seatbelt because we are going to a ride with python dependency hell.
  • I’ll tell the story of how we build 70+ packages just for otel.
  • We can now build RPMs that use poetry/hatch/flit, time to chance how we solve dependency?

[USER & DEV] “Pulp Container Registry in Katello - Past and Future” - 30min - @iballou

  • Overview of how Katello integrates with Pulp’s container registry
  • Future plans for integrating Pulp’s container-push functionality into Katello

[USER & DEV] “Pulp Maven Demo” - 30min - @dkliban

  • Overview of features available in Pulp Maven
  • Discussion about the future of the plugin

[USER & DEV] “HA Deployment of Pulp on Kubernetes Demo” - 30min - @dkliban

  • Demo of how to use Pulp Operator to ensure you high availability
  • Discussion about Pulp Operator.

[DEV] “Pulp Sub-repository Discussion Session” - 30min -@quba42

  • To improve pulp_deb performance in particular, we would need to change our approach to how we record what packages are in which release_components.
  • Our main idea how that might work is to introduce a parent-sub-repository concept in Pulp:
    • In the pulp_deb case, each sub-reposiotry would represent the packages in a single package index (a single release-component-architecture combination) and have versions like every other Pulp repository.
    • The parent repository would contain metadata content, that references a particular version of the sub-repository
  • In theory the exact same approach could also be used for a better integration of module streams in pulp_rpm. This is the same design problem: Packages aren’t just part of the RPM repo, but part of a particular module stream version within it. (Though I hear there isn’t that much demand for improving module streams).
  • Purpose of the session:
    • See if there is demand for such a feature outside of pulp_deb.
    • Feasability discussion for the design idea.

[User] “Multi Geography Pulp Architectures” - @bmbouter (collaboration welcome)

  • Best practices to distribute content globally
  • Mixing cloud-based and local based content
  • Real-world, existing usage, not future ideas

[USER, ADMIN & DEV] “OpenTelemetry with Pulp. Now what?” - 30 min - @decko

  • What is and why OpenTelemetry?
  • Where we are right now?
  • How this could help my Pulp instance? - Some good use cases

[USER] “Drinking my own champagne. My personal use of Pulp” - 20 min - @decko

  • Why use Pulp on your local network?
  • My current hardware
  • Some tips for having a mobile and functional dnf setup

[USER & DEV] “Import/Export in Katello” - 30min - @parthaa

  • Overview of how Katello integrates with Pulp Exporter and File System Exporter

[USER & DEV] “Support for Flatpak in Pulp” - 20min + 5min - @sberg

  • An overview of Flatpaks and how they are newly supported by Pulp and Katello.

[User] - Demo of pulp container deployments & migration from Pulp 3 Ansible Installer. - 30min + 10 min - @mikedep333

  • Demo of single container
  • Demo of docker-compose
  • Demo of migrating from pulp-installer to a single container
  • Overview of when to use single-container, docker-compose vs pulp-operator

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Is GMT-4 the same as EDT? I think that ends November 5th in the US.

That is a very good point - editing.

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Organizational meeting minutes can be found at PulpCon 2023 planning - HackMD


Any interest in the Performance improvements we have made especially lately?

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Question: To what extent are we looking for talks vs. interactive sessions/workshops? How should I mark my proposal for a workshop type session? Or does the virtual format not permit such a session?


We are looking for “Stuff Of Interest To The Pulp Community” - you’ve already intrigued me, so it sounds like a good topic. The proposal-format is a guideline, feel free to add whatever you feel will make it more clear what you’d like to be doing!


We have extended the CfP until the next week. You still have time to submit your proposal by September 20!


Not able to edit this. Can you add the following topic
[USER & DEV] “Import/Export in Katello” - 30min - @parthaa

  • Overview of how Katello integrates with Pulp Exporter and File System Exporter

@parthaa The post is opened for logged users to edit it and add new talk proposals.
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An additional talk proposal:

[USER & DEV] “Support for Flatpak in Pulp” - 20min + 5min - @sberg

  • An overview of Flatpaks and how they are newly supported by Pulp and Katello.

PulpCon schedule has been published! PulpCon 2023 Schedule - HackMD

Let us know if you have any concerns about the time of your slot(s).