Unified Documentation Part 2

Unified Documentation Part 2

Hello everyone,

At the end of the last quarter, the Documentation Workgroup discussed some strategies for continuing the Unified Documentation Project, and we’d like to officially share our Q2 plan with you!

Working group:
@bmbouter @decko @dkliban @ggainey @pedro-psb



  • Resolve all the content issues at once. Instead, we’ll focus on strategic content first.


This plan outlines some items which we consider sufficient for defining the project as “production-ready”.

Those items are not described in detail here, as they will be better defined in dedicated issues to be gradually included in the Part 2 Epic. Feel free to provide feedback here or in related issues.

General stability

  • Implement some core improvements in pulp-docs (e.g ordering mechanism, CI)
  • Convert changelogs to markdown and change its generation on every rst-repo
  • Fix internal links, image links, and general rendering leftover issues
  • Gracefully deprecate legacy docs

Content improvement

  • Create a good general “getting started” tutorial for Pulp Users
  • Improve installation docs
  • Merge current pulpproject.org content into docs (to replace it)
  • Add index pages for all repositories

Docs CI

  • Setup docs-build test on PR for every repository
  • Implement full-CI skip for doc-only changes on plugin-repos