Unable to sync redhat repos

I’ve managed to sucessfully create an remote repo for redhat 7/8 using the certificates provided by redhat, however I am unable to run a sync… I get the below error…

Started background task /pulp/api/v3/tasks/f15222fa-5924-4cbe-b7fa-c8ccbad1b860/
Error: Task /pulp/api/v3/tasks/f15222fa-5924-4cbe-b7fa-c8ccbad1b860/ failed: ‘no start line: cadata does not contain a certificate (_ssl.c:4161)’

here is the repo output
“pulp_href”: “/pulp/api/v3/remotes/rpm/rpm/019e4c89-e7c2-444b-a0c7-0b4ea05d1247/”,
“pulp_created”: “2021-12-07T02:25:44.544901Z”,
“name”: “rhel-7-x86_64”,
“url”: “https://cdn.redhat.com/content/dist/rhel/server/7/7Server/x86_64/os”,
“ca_cert”: “/etc/pki/rhel/rhel_ssl_ca.crt”,
“client_cert”: “/etc/pki/rhel/rhel_ssl.crt”,
“tls_validation”: false,
“proxy_url”: null,
“pulp_labels”: {},
“pulp_last_updated”: “2021-12-07T02:25:44.544923Z”,
“download_concurrency”: 1000,
“max_retries”: null,
“policy”: “immediate”,
“total_timeout”: null,
“connect_timeout”: 5.0,
“sock_connect_timeout”: null,
“sock_read_timeout”: null,
“headers”: null,
“rate_limit”: null,
“sles_auth_token”: null

Expected outcome:
Should be able to sync redhat repos.
Pulpcore version:
latest 3.16

Pulp plugins installed and their versions:
pulp-rpm: latest
pulp-file: latest
Operating system - distribution and version:
Redhat server 7

Other relevant data:

Please let me know if you need further logs and how to collect them.

Hello… anyone?

Sorry, just saw this - ca_cert and client_cert need to be the content of the cert-file, not the filename. Here’s an example of me creating a RH-CDN-remote via httpie:

Here’s me using the CLI, and taking advantage of having env-variables set up containing the content of my cert-files:

Hopefully this helps!


Example w/ output:

(pulp) [vagrant@pulp2-nightly-pulp3-source-centos7 pulp_startup]$ pulp rpm remote create \
    --name r6 --url https://cdn.redhat.com/content/dist/rhel/server/6/6.1/x86_64/os 
    --policy on_demand   
    --ca-cert "$CDN_CA_CERT" 
    --client-key "$CDN_CLIENT_KEY" 
    --client-cert "$CDN_CLIENT_CERT"
  "pulp_href": "/pulp/api/v3/remotes/rpm/rpm/04b345ad-e49f-41c6-8ecd-47155ed22e11/",
  "pulp_created": "2021-12-08T15:02:19.551657Z",
  "name": "r6",
  "url": "https://cdn.redhat.com/content/dist/rhel/server/6/6.1/x86_64/os",
  "ca_cert": "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----...-----END CERTIFICATE-----...-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----...-----END CERTIFICATE-----...-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----...----END CERTIFICATE-----",
  "client_cert": "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----...-----END CERTIFICATE-----",
  "tls_validation": true,
  "proxy_url": null,
  "pulp_labels": {},
  "pulp_last_updated": "2021-12-08T15:02:19.551673Z",
  "download_concurrency": null,
  "max_retries": null,
  "policy": "on_demand",
  "total_timeout": null,
  "connect_timeout": null,
  "sock_connect_timeout": null,
  "sock_read_timeout": null,
  "headers": null,
  "rate_limit": null,
  "sles_auth_token": null

That fixed the problem, would be nice to have this in the doco somewhere…

@bkwfanena are you willing to open doc issue?

We have one - Task #9149: As a Pulp user, I want an end-to-end tutorial with all the steps to get an RPM into Pulp - RPM Support - Pulp

Note the assignee :slight_smile:


Is there any chance of getting a status update on this ticket?
I think it might be helpful to understand the blockers and pieces that need to be put in place before this work can be completed.
As this was one of the requests in our survey this year, I am particularly interested in monitoring the status of this ticket.

Added an update to 9149 , Mel!

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