Syncs of RPM Repositories are downloading every artifact every time in 3.16

Syncs are resulting in the full download of every package to the “pulp_storage/tmp” folder but then making zero or only a few actual updates to the repository.

Expected outcome:
Remote metadata is parsed for a diff of packages and only the packages new or changed are downloaded and then sync’d. Packages with a a hash matching an existing artifact should not be downloaded.

Pulpcore version:

Pulp plugins installed and their versions:
rpm: 3.16.1
python: 3.5.2
file: 1.10
deb: 2.16.0
container: 2.9.0
certguard: 1.5.1
ansible: 0.10.1

Operating system - distribution and version:
Docker running on Oracle Linux 8.4

Other relevant data:

I’ve filed an issue to track this upstream: Issue #9552: Syncs are downloading every artifact, every time - Pulp

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