Some feedback on discourse

I just want to say that I get a lot of out of the discussions that happen on discourse. It’s super helpful for me to better understand features, what’s going on with the Pulp teams, etc with a glance. I don’t have enough time to follow conversations on Matrix, read through Github issues, or attend team meetings but I feel like I am able to catch up on various things reading through discourse posts.

I’ve tried to keep up with the teams as well by reading meeting minutes but they are not as helpful if I am to be honest. There’s too much information/noise and a lot of it is difficult to decipher. I still find them somewhat helpful but definitely seeing topics discussed on discourse is preferable to reading about the discussion after-the-fact via meeting minutes.

All this is to to say that I hope you all will continue posting discussions on discourse and will perhaps consider it as the platform of choice when discussing topics. I know that sometimes it might seem like no one is reading these posts but I for one am!



Thank you for the feedback. I will plan on posting more here.