Skip specific RPMs during sync

I posted this on the Foreman site and they suggested that I post here.

There are a couple of RPMs that our antivirus is flagging during the sync process so they are fail to download with a permission denied. We don’t need them so I don’t have any issue if they are not included in the downloads. I don’t have access to modify the whitelist on the AV so I’m hoping to do this on the foreman host. Is it possible to create a list of rpms that should be ignored during sync?
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CentOS 8 Stream
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Hi @jmck04 - pulp_rpm doesn’t support an ignore-list for syncing. Allowing for selective-syncing has caused “interesting” problems in the past (e.g., uninstallable RPMs or comps-groups due to required dependencies not being sync’d). You could open a Feature request for pulp_rpm, to get the benefits/risks discussion started.

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Just wanted to add a link to the appropriate pulp_rpm issue tracker: Issues · pulp/pulp_rpm · GitHub

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