Secret pulpcore 3.14 releases?!

pypi has pulpcore 3.14.10, 3.14.11, and 3.14.12.

However, there is no changelog entry for any of these versions in the docs.

I was able to find a release announcement for 3.14.10, but not the other two.

What gives?

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The automation that cherry-picks changelogs is not working right now. I did not manually cherry-pick the changelogs. We are working on resolving this issue and hope that it will not happen again in the future.


FWIW, changelogs are available immediately at the links for the specific x.y.z release or for the x.y one, like this Changelog — Pulp Project 3.14.12 documentation. Notice that the URL has the version in it.

We definitely should fix the cherry-picks to the main branch but this is a reliable way to get all changelogs for the Y release of your interest.


The missing changelog entries were added in

The problem itself was addressed in

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