Retirement of Pulp Smash

In other discourse threads we’ve discussed retiring pulp-smash. Here’s a quick summary of the reasons:

  • It brings in conflicting dependencies often which causes problems regularly
  • It isn’t versioned so when it’s in use by versioned software, e.g. all the plugins, this becomes very problematic
  • We use very little of it at this point. It’s basically just the pytest fixtures of which can move to pulpcore, which at that point they’ll be versioned
  • We do not benefit from maintaining this.

I propose the following plan:

  • We put the repo into read-only mode similar to this repo on September 5th. Existing users would experience no changes, it can still be installed from source like it is today.
  • We move the pytest fixtures from pulp-smash to pulpcore over time.

The only thing that changes is that if a change is needed it would need to be done in pulpcore, as all the relevant bits will be delivered from pulpcore. We may need to have the fixtures use new names as they move, but that’s ok.

Please share your thoughts or concerns. Thanks!


Fixtures with the same name can live in multiple pytest plugins. And as long as they provide the same facility, we should be fine.
Where i see possible conflicts is with custom options / hooks into pytest that we may move into pulpcore.

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we need to ensure the older versions of pulpcore will still running on pulp-smash,
or cherry-pick the pulpcore change to older branches

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At the pulpcore meeting today I heard that it would be good to have one plugin move entirely off of pulp-smash to demonstrate all of the meaningful parts have been ported to pulpcore. That sounds ok to me, so I’ve created this issue: and given it the high-prio label. Let’s not mark pulp-smash as read-only until that is done.

As for the older versions I believe they will continue to install and use pulp-smash as is.