Release Day! May 10, 2023: Pulpcore 3.25 and more

With the changes to our release cadence comes changes to our release announcements. The new approach will try to group all new releases into a weekly post that will come out Tuesday (or Wednesday if we are late). These posts will have a big focus on pulpcore and pulp_file releases since these are the projects we expect to be releasing each week. Plugin writers can still make their own separate announcement posts, but if you wish to be included in this weekly summary message the current “release head”, found at the top of the Pulpcore meeting agenda, on the #pulp-dev Matrix channel.

Y Releases

- pulpcore 3.25:

Pulpcore 3.25 is a plugin api breaking change release with an upgrade to Django 4.2. Currently only pulp_file 1.14.2 1.14.3 and pulp_certguard 1.6.4 1.6.5 are compatible with pulpcore 3.25. So keep an eye out on these posts as plugins upgrade their compatibility. Note the next breaking change release will be pulpcore 3.40.

Z Releases

- pulpcore 3.23.4:

- pulp_ansible 0.17.1:


This is a great idea - and grats on the releases Gerrod!

Last Minute Z Releases:

Had some compatibility issues with the pulpcore 3.25, these Z streams should fix them. For plugins upgrading to pulpcore 3.25, Django 4.2 will require migrations, so the minimum requirement should be bumped to >=3.25.

- pulp_file 1.14.3:

- pulp-certguard 1.6.5: