Redis will no longer be OSS... now what?

It looks like Redis, Inc. has announced that future versions of Redis are no longer OSS and will be dual-licensed SSPL and RSAL.

Absent a fork of Redis coming up, Redis will likely be removed from Fedora.

I’ve also started an email thread about this on Fedora’s development list.

All I can say is… :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:


Thanks for bringing it up.
Good news is: Pulp will still work correctly without Redis. The caching feature will just not kick in anymore. Hopefully, our usecase is sufficiently simple to find another solution.


More thoughts on this. My understanding of foss is that they cannot relicense released software. So it is not like we need to stop using our existing installations tomorrow. This should give us plenty of time to find another viable key-value store to phase out Redis. And again lucky us, we don’t even need to think about migrating existing data therein, because the new cache can just start fresh.