Pulpcore 3.18.0 is generally available

Pulpcore 3.18.0 is generally available.

Please check the pulpcore changelog for a summary of the changes.

Installation and Upgrade

Users should use the 3.18.0 release of the pulp_installer to install or upgrade their installations. This version of the installer will check compatibility of all installed plugins with pulpcore 3.18. The installer will abort if any plugin is incompatible.

With this version of pulp_installer, users will not need to update the installer in order to perform an upgrade of their system. Examples of install/upgrade playbooks can be found here.

The pulp_installer collection can be installed from Ansible Galaxy with the following command:

ansible-galaxy collection install --force pulp.pulp_installer

The --force flag will upgrade the collection if you had a previous version installed.