PulpCon - Vote for Topics now!

PulpCon Dates: November 8-13, 2021

Thanks to everyone who contributed a proposal for PulpCon.

Please vote for the topics that interest you most.

Voting Closes Thursday Oct 21

  • Sync pipeline - overview, learnings & challenges (bmbouter)
  • Pulp on k8s/OCP (fao89)
  • Tasking system - overview, learnings & challenges (x9c4)
  • Pulp High availability - Current state & challenges (bmbouter)
  • Pulp 2 x Pulp 3 Performance
  • Installer: Demonstration and discussion of ideas to improve the user experience
  • Let’s Encrypt support (with cloud instance demonstration)
  • Cluster support (demonstration, explanation of 3rd party resources)
  • Installer Panel discussion: community users are invited to talk to us about their experiences with the installer
  • Multi-tenancy, a step to Pulp as a Service (bmbouter or anyone else)
  • Command Line Interface - overview, learnings & challenges (x9c4)
  • State of the community: (IRC vs. Matrix; Discourse, …)
  • State of the community: Year in review (summary of features, now vs. 1 year ago)
  • Is my content safe? Pulp security overview, learnings & challenges
  • What pytest can do for Pulp (bmbouter and x9c4)
  • Community interactions – Maintaining a plugin from outside the core Pulp team (working title, quba42)
  • What can type annotations do for us? (x9c4)
  • Monitoring Pulp with Prometheus + Grafana (dalley)

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