PulpCon 2022, Call for Proposals

PulpCon Dates: November 7-12, 2022
CFP ends: September 27, 2022 October 4, 2022
CFP interest voting: September 28 - October 7, 2022 October 4-10, 2022 if needed

PulpCon is coming and we would like to welcome you and encourage to participate in any way you prefer, whether it’s presenting, active participation in discussions, or just listening.

To propose a session for PulpCon 2022, please add it to the list below, along with your name. Add an estimated timeframe (30 or 60 min) for the session. Each talk should leave at least 10 min at the end (5 for Q&A and 5 for a break).

The CFP ends on October 4th. We’ll ask for interest on the topics via a voting that will occur from October 4th-10th.

We are especially interested in:

  • Talks or demos of interest to existing or new Pulp users
  • Talks by users or integrations who use Pulp: pain points, workflows, show-and-tell
  • Discussions of hard problems facing the Pulp community, with an emphasis on the “what” and not the “how”
  • Content of interest to plugin writers

If you have any questions/comments, feel free to add those as nested bullet points too.

Note that we plan to leave some timeslots open for topics that come up during the week of PulpCon.

Talk Proposals:

  • DEV - Deadlocks: Fear and Loathing in Postgres - 60 min - ggainey

    • Cover as much as possible of the following:
      • Overview of “why deadlock?!?”
      • Overview of where to find the logs that show the problem
      • Tools for recreating/forcing suspect deadlocks
      • Overview of approaches to solving the problem
      • Examples of deadlock fixes we’ve already applied (touch()?)
    • Attempt not to weep during the presentation
  • USER - A user story: From packaging Pulp to using Pulp - 60 min - goarsna, maximilian, quba42

    • We at ATIX have graduated from Pulp development to Pulp usage (is that the right order?)
    • We now use GitLab CI + Pulp to package patched versions of various Pulp components into RPMs in a flexible and efficient manner.
    • While our Pulp packaging pipeline is furthest along we are also working on converting our Foreman/Katello packaging pipeline to use Pulp.
    • In general, the approach involved can work for arbitrary packaging projects. :wink:
  • DEV - OCI Env deep dive - 60 minutes - newswangerd

    • Demo
    • New features: multiple environments, new profiles, profile updates
    • Writing profiles: learn how to customize the environment for different plugins and deployment modes
    • Architecture: overview of how the environment works and how to contribute new functionality
  • USER - State of automation hub - 30 minutes - newswangerd

    • automation hub roadmap
    • automation hub demo
  • USER - StackHPC Release Train, one year on - 30 minutes - markgoddard

    • Around one year ago, we started using Pulp to manage and distribute various artifacts for deploying OpenStack clouds
    • We’ll recap the content of our blog post
    • Add in some juicy details of our experience with Pulp during the last year
    • Finally, cover how things have evolved, and where we expect them to go next
  • USER- Operating Pulp in Production - 30 minutes - bmbouter

    • Best practices learned the hard way
    • A recap of performance and scale testing
    • Goal: Create a community of practice focused on operating Pulp installations
  • DEV - Adding a Telemetry Metric Together – Live Coding - 30 minutes - bmbouter

    • Show how to add a telemetry metric for collection from proposal to visualization
    • We’ll add the collection of a postgresql version live as the example
  • DEV - Pytest Revolution - 30 minutes - dkliban

    • Update on the state of the functional test rewrite effort
    • Introduction to the fixtures in pulpcore and pulp_file
  • USER - Pulp & Katello: 2022 Edition - 60 minutes - iballou (and/or others)

    • Refresher on how Katello uses Pulp
    • New 2022 integrations with Pulp
    • Lessons learned & improvement ideas
  • USER - Debugging and Developing Katello with Pulp-CLI - 30 minutes - iballou (and/or others)

    • Examples of how Katello uses Pulp-CLI on a daily basis
    • Reflection & improvement ideas
  • USER - RBAC used by Pulp RPM - 30 minutes - ppicka

    • demo
      • pre-defined roles
      • how to create and use custom/own roles
  • USER - Pulp 2022 Year in Review - 30 mins - rchan/goosemania

    • summary of project features and other important updates since last PulpCon
  • DEV - [Discussion] When the stars are right - Aligning Pulp and all it’s moving parts. - 30 min - mdellweg

    • Serving a multitude of stake holders is challenging.
    • How can we keep the number of maintained branches low, while still releasing often and ensure compatibility?
    • Let’s talk about our deprecation policy, backport process and compatibility claim.
  • USER - Domains - Multi-tenancy in Pulp - 60 mins - gerrod

    • Overview of Domains and new multi-tenancy features
    • Demo - how to enable and use domains
    • Quick guide for adding domain compatibility for your plugin
  • USER - Content signing and verification on the example of Pulp Container Registry - 30 mins - lubos

    • Overview of signing service feature capabilities provided by pulpcore
    • Demo - Ensure container image safe provenance and integrity by its signing and verification
  • USER - Container usage without the operator - 30 mins - mikedep333/bmbouter

    • Demo - latest features in the single container / oci dev env
    • Demo - Using multiple pulp containers without the operator
    • Quick guide for using S6 in the oci dev env
  • DEV - Profiling and tracing techniques - 30 mins - dalley

    • (This could be probably stretched to 60 minutes if there’s time available)
    • Overview of tools which are useful for profiling and debugging performance issues
    • Overview of tracing and how it is useful for gathering low-level operational insights
    • Demo: specific examples of using each tool
    • Demo: demonstrate a webserver instrumented with tracing
  • USER What’s new in the pulp-operator land? - 60 mins - hyagi/ipanova

    • TBD
  • State of RPM packaging for Pulpcore - 30 min - odilhao

    • how we package Pulp and all necessary dependencies, and what we do with PEP-517 and 518

(This is a wiki post, and should be editable by logged in users.)


Things I think would be cool to see in the PulpCon setting (even though some of them have already had presentations):

  • Telemetry
  • oci-env
  • current state of pulp-cli
    • maybe a “how to contribute a new command”?

CfP deadline is extended, CfP will be open till October 4th.
Bring your ideas and share your Pulp experience with us!


wanna give a dev talk on this?

Yes, but I don’t think I can commit to the time to pull one together. I think the deadlock one is more important.

or @gerrod ?

Thanks everyone for the proposals! The CfP is closed.
It looks like we will have enough time to accommodate all suggested talks, so no voting is needed.

Stay tuned, we will share the schedule in the next couple of weeks.


I would like to talk about the State of RPM packaging for Pulpcore.

Would be a light talk about how we package Pulp and all necessary dependencies, and what we do with PEP-517 and 518.


I would be interested to hear the talk by @Odilhao on pulpcore-packaging.

Note also that there is some relation to our talk as well, since we re-use the SPEC files from pulpcore-packaging in the pipeline we want to talk about.


Hi everyone, here is the schedule for PulpCon 2022.

We have 3 days with the focus on users and 2 days which developers will benefit from.
We encourage speakers to add agenda or any information they find necessary.

See you at PulpCon! (And if you can’t attend, we’ll make sure that recordings are available later.)