Pulp3 Performance


Sync time between pulp2 and pulp3 seems way off. We are syncing RHEL 7 channels and as a test, the sync of 7 channels on pulp2, takes 1hr 25 min where on on pulp3, it takes 2hrs 23 mins.
This has been tested on a similar machine with same cpu, memory, disk and network setup. Both of these machines are in the cloud

Do you have any document on performance tuning for pulp3.?

Expected outcome:

Looking forward for ways to speed up sync of pulp channels

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I think the current state of Pulp 3 uses more memory when performing concurrent syncs. If that leads to swapping on your “similar machine with same cpu, memory, […]” then that probably explains the longer sync time.

See the following RedHat bugzilla: 1994397 – Increased memory usage of pulp-3 workers during repo sync

I believe memory efficiency is being looked into by pulpcore developers, but it may be some time before that bears any fruit, so for now the workaround is to increase the amount of memory that is available, or to limit the number of concurrent workers/syncs.

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