Pulp to replace Sonatype


so my team is being asked to take over the hosting of a Sonatype Nexus instance that host maven and rpm packages for a community project. We are not sure if the current host is using the OSS or the Pro version of Nexus (I suspect the pro), nor if we could switch to the OSS one (since usually, proprietary software are a bit annoying to automate, and we try to not do that as much as possible).

We were wondering if Pulp would be a good fit here (as I know nothing on this domain), and what to look for in the initial meeting ?

I searched on Google, but didn’t see anything relevant (old pres, etc). I know Pulp support maven packages and RPMs now, but that’s all.

(also, posted here since I am not sure if that’s a support question)

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Hi there.
I strongly believe, you came to the right place. Yes Pulp is able to serve rpm and maven repositories in their native format. In the RPM case I am sure you can sync from an upstream or upload packages to be hosted in a repository. The maven plugin however may only support mirroring for now.
It would probably be helpful to hear more about you use case.

If you want to get your feet wet and start experimenting, look here:


So, just to close the topic, we are finally not asked to take over the setup (yet), so I didn’t gather more data for the use case. I will maybe come back later once the emergency is done and people start to formally ask us to take over (or something).