Pulp to Pulp Sync

Hi there,
I’m looking into a Pulp3 setup for my company. We have a lot of subnets and most of them with some kind of security restrictions. Therefore I likely need to have multiple Pulp3 and an option to sync them in specific directions. Basically I have two questions:

  1. Is there a recommended setup for a pulp to pulp sync? (“Import and Export” is not an option according to docs)
  2. Is it possible to change the direction in which pulp communicates? (push/pull)

Kind regards!

My understanding is, that there is nothing to stop you from setting up a remote on any Pulp instance, that points at some published + distributed repository on some arbitrary other (or even the same) Pulp instance for a Pulp to Pulp sync. For efficiency it may make sense to look into pulp_rpm’s “full mirrored” sync mode, as well as the available download policies. pulp_deb has a similar feature to pulp_rpm’s “full mirror”, but it is named “verbatim publisher” and works somewhat differently.

Depending on the level of network segment separation, you might also just have one (clustered) Pulp installation and route only the content-apps in the secured networks. That way your clients in the restricted networks would be able to consume repositories curated by the api in a different network.
Precondition: All pulp components need to share access to the PostgresDB, the storage and if configured the Redis server.

Edit: No there is no “push” workflow, and also no notification framework yet.