Pulp.pulp_installer.pulp_database fails on task "Load OS specific variables"

When trying to install pulp using Ansible the role pulp.pulp_installer.pulp_database fails on task Load OS specific variables with the following error:

fatal: [pulp_server]: FAILED! => {"msg": "An unhandled exception occurred while running the lookup plugin 'first_found'. Error was a <class 'ansible.errors.AnsibleLookupError'>, original message: No file was found when using first_found. Use errors='ignore' to allow this task to be skipped if no files are found"}

The error is probably caused by pulp_installer/roles/pulp_database/tasks/main.yml, line 3:

3  include_vars: "{{ lookup('first_found', params) }}"

Any help how to solve this error would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
Please let me know if further details are needed.

Expected outcome:
The role should run flawlessly and install PostgreSQL.

Pulpcore version:

Pulp plugins installed and their versions:
This is a clean install on a new system. No plugins are present.

Operating system - distribution and version:
Rocky Linux 8.6

Other relevant data:

Hi goarsna,

Unfortunately, we do not support Rocky Linux.

You are like the 3rd person to run into a lack of compatibility with it. I will discuss adding support with the Pulp team today.


Hi @goarsna

I’m working on adding support for Rocky Linux right now.

I am making progress.



Hi @mikedep333

thanks for clarifying this topic with the Pulp team and also thanks for starting work on Rocky Linux support. This is greatly appreciated :smiley:

Please let me know if you need any further information or if there is any progress regarding Rocky Linux support.

Thanks a lot,

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Hi @goarsna ,

I released pulp_installer 3.20.3 with Rocky Linux 8 and 9 support.

It includes a workaround for old versions of Ansible (2.9 and 2.10) that do not properly recognize ansible_facts.os_family for Rocky. (You seemed to have run into that issue.)


Hi @mikedep333

thanks for the quick response and the quick fix, really awesome! I’ll try it right away.

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