Pulp Documentation Site connection times out

Hi all,

Noticed this morning around 11:20am PST that connection requests to the docs.pulpproject.org subdomain are timing out. I was last able to access this site successfully on December 1st at ~3:00pm PST.

I have confirmed that this issue occurs on three different network connections. Ie. my home connection, vpn connection (without split tunnel) and a coworkers connection. None of these connections have experienced issues with connecting to the docs subdomain in the past.

Is anyone able to advise on this issue?

P.S. If anyone happens to have the documentation for the import/export pulp cli docs downloaded and is willing to share with me I would be forever in your debt :smile:

You can find the docs on github https://github.com/pulp/pulpcore/blob/main/docs/workflows/import-export.rst


Whatever the problem was, appears to have cleared up - I am able to access the docs-site this morning. Try again and let us know if it’s working for you as well!

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Thank you for this! Much appreciated

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