Pulp_deb 3.0.0 has been released!

pulp_deb version 3.0.0 has been released.

To understand why we chose to bump the major version, please read our accompanying blog post (also available in german).

The pulp_deb 3.0.0 release contains a data repairing DB migration. You should back up before upgrading, and you should run some smoke tests afterwards. You will also need to plan some extra time during upgrade for the DB migration to run. We expect it to take about 30 Minutes for the median user, but it is entirely dependent on how much affected content you have and could range from no extra time to significantly longer than 30 Minutes.

The aforementioned DB migration will log its progress. By default this will be sent to stdout of the pulpcore-manager migrate call. However you could configure it to log to a file, for example by extending your /etc/pulp/settings.py file with the following (if you do this make sure the user pulp is running as has write access to the log file you have configured!):

    "dynaconf_merge": True,
    "handlers": {
        "file": {
            "level": "INFO",
            "class": "logging.FileHandler",
            "filename": "/var/lib/pulp/pulp_deb_migration_0025.log",  # Make sure the pulp user has write access here!!!
    "loggers": {
        "pulp_deb.app.migrations.0025_merge_colliding_structure_content": {
            "handlers": ["file"],
            "level": "INFO",
            "propagate": True,

Have a look at the change log for more details and changes. Pay careful attention to the included Removals!

You can check for known issues or open new ones on the pulp_deb GitHub issue tracker.