Pulp_deb 2.18.0 has been released!

pulp_deb version 2.18.0 has been released.

The release is compatible with pulpcore from version 3.17 up to and including pulpcore 3.19.

Important: We recently discovered a small bug in pulpcore, that has an extreme impact on pulp_deb sync performance. The fix will be backported as far as pulpcore 3.16 and will be included in the next set of pulpcore bugfix releases.

The release contains one major new feature: An initial advanced copy API. This will allow you to copy packages between repos without losing the associated repo structure metadata.

Have a look at the change log for more details and changes.

You can check for known issues or open new ones on the pulp_deb GitHub issue tracker .

The Python client package contains Python API bindings.
The Ruby client gem contains Ruby API bindings.