Pulp_deb 2.17.0 has been released!

pulp_deb version 2.17.0 has been released.

The release is compatible with pulpcore 3.17+. As per the new pulpcore deprecation policy it should remain compatible up to and including pulpcore 3.19 (not yet released).

The most important change in the new version fixes the mirror=false feature for syncs, which was previously incapable of handling upstream metadata correctly, rendering the feature unusable. In addition the sync was made robust with respect to upstream package indices containing keys without values. Signing services are now referenced using pulp_href instead of full URLs.

Have a look at the change log for more details and changes.

Important: Coinciding with this release, the pulp_deb issue tracker has been moved from pulp.plan.io (now read-only) to GitHub issues! Check the new GitHub issue tracker to view known issues or open new ones.

The Python client package contains Python API bindings.
The Ruby client gem contains Ruby API bindings.