Pulp_deb 2.16.0 has been released

pulp_deb version 2.16.0 has been released.
The release is compatible with pulpcore 3.15, aimed at pulpcore 3.16, and aims to remain compatible up to at least pulpcore 3.17 (not yet released) as well.

The new version includes a significant rework of “flat repository syncs” which were failing with many flat repos found in the wild, and are now much more robust. Syncs were also made more robust with respect to package indices containing values of an incorrect type, as well as very long lists of distributions, components, or architectures (which were previously limited to 256 chars). Have a look at the change log for more details and changes.

Check the issue tracker to view known issues or open new ones.

The Python client package contains Python API bindings.
The Ruby client gem contains Ruby API bindings.