Pulp create mirror with re publish

I am having a problem with pulp and cnf metadata, but realized that a work around might be possible, after testing a another product aptly [https://www.aptly.info/], when aptly published a mirror repo, it regenerates the metadata (and also gpg re signed) which avoids the cnf metadata problem (since cnf is no longer listed in the “Release” file). So i would like to use pulp to create a mirror of an upstream that is not a strict mirror. Instead pulp would mirror but re generate the metadata just like aptly does.
Is it possible for pulp to do so? or are only 1 to 1 mirrors possible ?

Expected outcome:
create a mirror of a upstream repo but re publish the meta data.
** pulpcore **
Pulp plugins installed and their versions:
pulp-deb 2.18.0
pulp-file 1.10.2
Operating system - distribution and version:
ubuntu 20.04

On the sync use sync_policy="mirror_content_only". If I understood what you want correctly this does exactly what you want. (A mirror but with Pulp generated metadata files).

See also: REST API for Pulp 3 RPM Plugin

This : sync_policy="mirror_content_only", sounds like exactly what I want, but I am having trouble finding it in the api docs for pulp_deb, is that mode only possible with deb_rpm?

pulp_deb has equivalent features, but using a somewhat different interface/API here.

The following are exactly equivalent features:

  • pulp_deb’s mirror=True and pulp_rpm’s mirror_policy="mirror_content_only"
  • pulp_deb’s mirror=False and pulp_rpm’s mirror_policy="additive"

The following are analogous features, albeit using a different workflow:

For what it’s worth, the pulp_deb verbatim publisher existed before pulp_rpm’s “mirror_complete” mode and the interface on the sync API used to be the same for both plugins.


thank you very much for your comprehensive reply.
I have tested your solution and it works! :slight_smile: