Pulp Container Plugin Now Supports Hosting Helm Charts and Flatpak Packages!

A new version of pulp_container has been released!

In this release, we added support for Helm charts. Helm charts are used for packaging, distributing, and managing applications and services in Kubernetes environments.

Besides that, we started handling cosign signatures, SBOMs, and attestations. Furthermore, we introduced the ADDITIONAL_OCI_ARTIFACT_TYPES setting to enable administrators to configure supported OCI artifact types.

Lastly, the Pulp Registry can now host Flatpak content. The indexing is disabled by default. Enable it by adding FLATPAK_INDEX=True to the settings file.

Feel free to reach out to us in case of any help with hosting the new content types.

PyPI: pulp-container · PyPI
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Python bindings: pulp-container-client · PyPI
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