Pulp Ansible Meeting Minutes

The Pulp Ansible meeting is the place to discuss features and issues that will affect the pulp_ansible codebase. It’s mostly attended by committers and integrators, but anyone interested in pulp_ansible can come.


Usually every week Mondays at 15:30-16:00 Central European (Summer) Time.


On Google Meet
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/gcv-ceqg-eqx


Anyone can add to the agenda.

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Nov 29

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Dec 6

  • Do you want the collection deletion APIs in pulp ansible?
    • Probably yes
  • Is it possible to have a worker router for tasking system?
    • e.g: I want a task to run in a specific worker
      • Short Answer: No
      • It would not be to hard to implement, but we have some serious reservation about the implications
        • What if you request a set of capabilities that no worker provides? → Tasking system jammed.
        • Needing a specific (type of) worker can slow down the task distribution significantly
      • Maybe such a thing is needed, when you cannot make the single hardware crypto device available to all machines running workers

Dec 13

Jan 10

Jan 17

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