Pulp_ansible 0.10.1 is Generally Available

pulp_ansible 0.10.1 has been released.
It is compatible with pulpcore 3.15 and 3.16


  • Added a better error message when trying to sync a missing collection using V3 endpoints. #9404
  • Ensure deprecation status is in sync with the remote #9442
  • Fixed optimized mirror syncs erroneously removing all content in the repository. #9476
  • Changed the use of dispatch to match the signature from pulpcore>=3.15. #9483

PyPI: pulp-ansible · PyPI
Changelog: Changelog — Pulp Ansible 0.10.1 documentation
Docs: Welcome to Pulp Ansible’s documentation! — Pulp Ansible 0.10.1 documentation
Python bindings: pulp-ansible-client · PyPI
Ruby bindings: pulp_ansible_client | RubyGems.org | your community gem host