Provide basic maintenance for pulp_cookbook, pulp_gem, pulp_maven, and pulp_npm

These four plugins receive the least amount of maintenance from the team and could use some love. With our new pulpcore deprecation policy I think we could spare some effort to get their CI/CD working and then leave them alone until the next deprecation pulpcore release.

I think at the very least we should mention that these four plugins are not actively maintained and give them their own special section on our plugins list page detailing that they might not work with current versions of pulpcore.


That’s easy.

Do we have any guidelines for someone who might want to contribute to the future maintenance of these plugins?

To elaborate on this a bit more, imagine a scenario where someone comes along and says “I really want the maven plugin. I need nothing more than the basic workflows it already contains. What do I need to do to ensure it remains functional?”

Does anything like this exist for plugin maintainers?

pulp_maven and pulp_npm are mildly maintained
while pulp_cookbook and pulp_gem aren’t maintained, I recently started working on their CI, but I stopped when I saw I had to put some effort into the code.
I merged the CI changes, every day I get emails with their CI failures to annoy me.
I think after fixing the CI, they can be mildly maintained (enough to keep CI green)

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I am very much in favor of us picking up basic maintenance for these plugins. I’m not sure when we can afford to do that, but +1 to doing it!

I have PRs for pulp_gem and pulp_cookbook:

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