PR Review and CI problem for oci_env

I fixed some error I was having with oci_env on python 3.12

I also find it useful to be able to supply the image as commandline flag in order to circumvent rate limiting.

Sadly for both PRs the CI is failing. Does anyone have an idea to why that is?
Would somebody like to review these PRs?


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Looks like the pulp_file-into-core merge subtly changed the “name” of pulp_file in the status response, and oci_env has a test that noticed (which is great, that’s what we want the CI to do!)

Fix is incoming here

Apologies for not seeing/responding sooner!

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Sadly this “fix” is merely reverting a regression.
In reality the python_package name for the file plugin should be "pulpcore" now. But it seems that some tooling works by the power of “Oh this looks like we can use this field for that other thing.”.
I really hope we can start sorting this out.

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