Plugin writers are advised to pin the pytest dependency

This is a message to all plugin writers.

At the moment, we are experiencing issues with the CI because of the recent upgrade of the pytest package. Pinning the pytest dependency with “<8” should resolve the following error:

PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/lost+found/**init**.py'

We recommend all plugin writers to adopt the said change in their respective repositories, like so: Pinning pytest<8 for unit/functional tests. · pulp/pulp_rpm@07ddb43 · GitHub.


For the lazy among us, and to find even the latest release branch out there, we intend to add a migration routine for this to the plugin template.


This recent breakage reinforced for us, why the Pulp team decided to require upper- and lower-bounds on all requirements. If we’d enforced that on test_requirements.txt, we wouldn’t have come in on a Monday to find All The Things were broken in our CI :slight_smile:

Part of the response to this instance included discussing whether we should be more restrictive - by using, say, pip-compile or a related tool to always specify the exact versions we’re using/testing against. The problem that arises with that, is it means that the Pulp team would need to cut a new release any time any dependency released a bug fix, for any reason. This puts us between “our users” and “reasonable security fixes”, for example, in a way that doesn’t feel…appropriate.

The consensus of the discussion can be summed up as “requiring upper- and lower- bounds the way we do is certainly imperfect, but it’s a reasonable compromise between ‘unexpected breakage’ and ‘allow for bugfixes’”. We will certainly be keeping an eye on how well that compromise is working, as Pulp moves forward.

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