New docs on the way! Share what you wanna keep from

We are almost in the final phase of promoting our to production (see post), and that means making it available at the domain (happening this month!).

We didn’t want to move the whole website content, as there are some content duplication, so we wanna know of some great content from there that you really like and would like to see on the the new docs.

TLDR: comment on this post the Page Urls you think are valuable from that we should keep on the new docs!


As a user, the thing I use most is the REST API docs (e.g. REST API — Pulp Project 3.54.0 documentation). I cannot find them on Are they missing? If they are there, I’d recommend featuring them more prominently.


The last doc-team-mtg spent a bunch of time talking about getting the REST docs available, David - we’re working on getting the right toolchain for this.

You can follow the docs-team from the minutes here


Just an addition to this:

To ensure that receives a proper end-to-end review (besides the volunteer’s contribution to this post, which is still very welcome), I’ll be hosting a Docs Office Hours next Wednesday (12 June) at 2 pm EST. You can join using this link.

Drop by!


Me, Decko and Dennis have joined in that review. We went through all pages, commented on each one and in the end I summarize some action items based our discussions:

Summary of the outcome:

  • "Pulp 101": include in Learn More
  • "Under the hood": merge w/ existing Architecture
  • "Related Tooling": include in Help (may need update)
  • "New User? Start here": replace the Pulpcore placeholder getting started
  • "Demos" + “Pulp Talks”: include in Help (should update those later)
  • "Home" + “Pulp HA” + “Features”: Create issue for discussing a more consistent way of advertising high interest features.
  • "Blog": we’ll move everything for now, may clean up later

Here is the document with more detailed discussions: Docs review - HackMD

Special thanks for Decko and Dennis for showing up! :smile: