New distribution after upgrading to 3.22

I upgraded our Pulp installation to 3.22 and now when I look at the distributions list, I see a new distribution of type “core.artifacts”. I scanned the 3.22 release notes and don’t see any information about this type of distribution. I’m wondering if it could potentially leak unpublished artifacts? Alternatively, can I delete it?

David, that looks like . I believe it is (or can be?) content-guard-protected, but I’ll let someone w/ more knowledge chime in. @x9c4 , wdyt?

(NB: it’s mentioned in the changelog here )


It is managed by Pulp and content-guard protected (preauthenticated URLs with a limited lifetime). Those URL’s can only be emitted by using the get_artifact_url from plugin code.

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Awesome thanks for the response.

By the way, our test suite passed with pulpcore 3.22. So thank you all again for the 3.22 release.