Match the name of the auto-posting of the blog

Hi, when a blog post is written here Blog | software repository management it gets auto posted to the discourse. Is it possible to match the name of the person who posted the blog post?
It seems to default to mcorr now Pulp 2 End of Life Announcement | software repository management


I have no idea how that’s done :frowning:

@mcorr , as that’s using your name, did you set up something ?

I had heard from @mcorr that she didn’t know how this was configured. I think it must be a discourse feature.

@misc who can look at the settings? I’m sure it’s in there somewhere.

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I looked at this. We have to decide which user will create the post. Do we want to create a pulpbot account and use it?

Having it set to the current admin user would work for me to.

I set to by my user.

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So, the settings is here:

Took me a while to find it, just posting for future reference. Seems @dkliban was faster than me :slight_smile:

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