Katello | software repository management

As alluded to previously, although Pulp is fully functional as a standalone application, it is also integral in a new systems management initiative. The Katello project combines concepts such as software updates, subscription management, provisioning, and configuration into a single front end including both web and CLI interfaces. Their newly launched site provides more information on the underlying projects it unites as well as screenshots and contact information:

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lol so the website is loading into Discourse now as a blog.
Let me see how to fix this.

Edit: oh it’s actually not the site, just the entire blog archive, which is also what happened when this was added to Foreman discourse. A bit annoying but… will be over soon?

OK, this is super annoying, so I am trying to limit it to blogs from 2021.

I think on community.theforeman.org notifications were disabled globally while importing the archives.

But i must say, it’s not too annoying to me (maybe regular vs site admin) personally.

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Let me try that.