Is there a way to control repo creation sync/publish with OCP resource

Hi ,

I am using ocp pulp operator for configuring pulp. I dont see any option in documentation to control the repository using openshift resources . Is there an option for same ?

Hi @midhuhk,

hum… if I understood correctly, you’d like to configure/automate some Pulp functions (like repositories and sync/publish) through the operator, correct?

If so, unfortunately, this is something that we don’t do yet. For Galaxy, we have an automation to configure, deploy, and sync Execution Environments, but nothing for Pulp.

If this is something that you’d like to see in pulp-operator, please, open an issue in our GH repository with a description of the feature and why (example of use cases or motivation) you need it.


From a separation of concerns perspective i’d vote against such a feature.
We do have tools to automate the operation of pulp (mainly squeezer using ansible at this point).

Hi ,

From infrastructure as code perspective , I suppose it would be nice to have it managed it at operator level .
I have raised the request in githb repostiroy for this feature .