Is the Pulp logo available under Creative Commons, CC0, CC-BY, or CC-BY-SA licenses?

I have got asked whether the Pulp logo can be shared and used publicly without any restrictions. This question was raised during the review process for the pulp_ostree article: Issue #100: Updating Edge Devices with OSTree and Pulp - fedora-magazine-newsroom -

@bmbouter suggested two options to resolve the uncertainty:

  1. Upload the images to the creative commons site and declare their licenses there.

  2. Add the statements to the brand guide Brand guide - Pulp and probably move to a more official place like the pulpcore docs. Or maybe

Any other suggestions on how to proceed or whether we already state those licences?


Since there was no reply from other folks, I am proceeding with the second option.

I will bring this up on the pulpcore meeting today.

Reporting back from pulpcore team meeting - currently, the Pulp logo is not CC-licensed. I’ve volunteered to get consensus from the Pulp team on what CC license we want to have the logo available under, and then work with Red Hat Legal to “make it so” (which is a necessary step for us, given the project and logo’s provenance).

My reading of the linked thread, is that Fedora magazine won’t use a logo unless it has a well-defined license (which makes perfect sense) - so the immediate answer is “no, we can’t use it on that post”, and the longer-term answer is “we are working on fixing this”