How to delete custom rpm content?

Unable to find documentation on the process to delete a RPM that has been uploaded to the repo.
found some doco to delete rpm from repo, but how do we delete the actual artifact?
Can you please provide some examples.

Followed these links to upload a custom RPM, looking for a way to delete the custom RPM frpm pulp too…

Expected outcome:
Documentation update / help needed

Pulpcore version: 3.14

Pulp plugins installed and their versions:

Operating system - distribution and version:
RHEL7, Pulp3

Other relevant data:

There is an open issue to add docs:

Basically what you have to do is remove the content from all repos (and their repo versions) and run:

pulp orphan cleanup

It should clean up any content/artifacts that are orphaned and older than ORPHAN_PROTECTION_TIME.


Hey David,
Thanks. how about the content/RPM i upload using command

pulp artifact upload --file
pulp rpm content create

I guess if you remove the RPM repo, the pulp orphan clean up would clean content associated with that repo, what happens to content/rpm/file/iso thats not been associated with any repo but needs to be cleaned?


The orphan cleanup removes content and artifacts so it should deleted the content/rpm/file/iso entry from the db and the actual file as well.


Thank you for the info…
will try it out…

Cool, let us know how it goes.

Just be sure to lower ORPHAN_PROTECTION_TIME if this is relatively newly created content.