Ho to delete pulp rpm content

I have some rpm packages in pulp which are not part of any repository. How can I delete them with cli or API? I didn’t find such option in REST API docu. I thought that “pulp orphan cleanup” will do it but it doesn’t. Any ideas?

Expected outcome:
Remove pulp rpm content

Pulpcore version:
Pulp plugins installed and their versions:
“component”: “rpm”,
“version”: “3.17.12”,
“package”: “pulp-rpm”
“component”: “file”,
“version”: “1.11.1”,
“package”: “pulp-file”

Operating system - distribution and version:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.9 (Maipo)

Other relevant data:

If content is an orphan it will not be considered for removal for 24 hours( by default). When running orphan clean up task try setting orphan_protection_time to 0. Otherwise ensure that content is indeed orphan - for example if it still present in some repo version it will not be removed unless that version is deleted first.


Worked like a charm! Thanks!

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