GitHub sponsorship of the Pulp project?

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A conversation with Ewoud today pointed out that GitHub sponsors open-source projects. TheForeman recently queried about same, and the process turned out to be painless and provides them with some real value - the “Team” level of GitHub gives more resources (and some features we won’t use, like private repos). The only thing GH asks for in return is to be listed on the project’s main page as a sponsor (which seems eminently reasonable to me)

You can find the announcement from TheForeman here: Our Github organization is now sponsored on the teams plan - Development - TheForeman

Anyway - I wanted to open a discussion here about whether this sounds like a good idea for the Pulp project. If so, I’m happy to work w/ GitHub on it! If anyone has a major objection, please point it out here. If not, I’ll get the ball rolling in the next week or so.

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big +1

This sounds like a small feature with the potential for a big impact. If it can make some of more discoverable that is an important thing.
@mcorr ^


Looking at:

It seems like the Team plan offers 60 concurrent jobs as opposed to 20 which Pulp has now?


60 concurrent jobs as opposed to 20

That was my major takeaway as well.

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That seems worth it IMO.