GitHub issues backport process

So far, I have always used the following documentation for cherry-picking bugfixes: Release Guide - Pulp

However, I have gleaned from conversations that there may be a newer/better backport automation available, now that we have all migrated to GitHub issues.

My question is: Is this new backport mechanism documented anywhere?
Secondary question: Any specia steps for backporting from main using GitHub issues to a release branch still using redmine? Do I just use the latest plugin template to convert the branch to GitHub issues first?

No, we don’t have a documentation for it yet

This is the main reason we don’t have it documented yet, we are learning how to do it.

With patchback, you can backport to x.y branch by adding backport-x.y label to a merged PR.


What to do when I need to cherry-pick both: github and redmine issues?

  • we don’t have a process for it, what I see people doing is migrating everything to github (modifying the cherry-picked PR by checking out its branch and renaming the changelog entry and the commit message)
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