GitHub issues and labels

The move from redmine to GitHub issues has generated a great many labels:

A lot of these labels don’t really mean much to me or else duplicate labels I already had. I find the number of available labels to consider overwhelming/unhelpful, and would prefer to delete a good number of them. Especially those that aren’t even in use.

So here is my question: Are any of the labels needed for CI code to work? Or were they introduced merely so as not to lose any information contained in redmine? In case of the latter I would re-evaluate pulp_deb labels as I see fit. In case of the former I need to be more careful…


it is the latter, the labels were used to grasp more redmine data as possible.
Some plugins are already cleaning up some of these labels, and we don’t have any automation that uses them.

The only automation related to labels is patchback, where it backports a PR to x.y branch when you add backport-x.y label to a merged PR.

We are rethinking our processes now that we use github issues, feel free to contribute:


Cool thanks, that tells me what I wanted to know.

I found this example for the backport label mechanism, so i will just leave it here for future reference:

During pulpcore meeting today we discussed about issues, and here are the suggestions:


Templates can be used for new issues, automatically mark new issues as needing triage

Our tagging / labeling of issues can be simplified

  • Labels already deleted:
    • New, Assigned, Post, Modified, OS: Centos7, OS: RHEL7
  • Labels already consolidated:
    • Low, Normal, High, Urgent → Severity: Low | Medium | High | Urgent
  • Propose to delete labels:
    • Migrated from Redmine, Sprint *, Quarter *
    • Move highest-number “Sprint:*” tag to “Current Sprint” first
  • Propose to consolidate labels:
    • Invalid → Wontfix
    • Story / Enhancement → Feature
    • Triaged / Groomed → Triage-Needed
    • Bug → Issue

from: Github Issues: Process and Procedures - HackMD


I plan to move forwards with those changes listed above on Friday if there are no objections


Given that some of the work has already been started by others, and the plan got a thumbs-up from pretty much everyone that wasn’t at the pulpcore meeting, I went ahead with doing this today.