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One of our main communication channels as a community has been Freenode IRC. We maintain a Matrix bridge to Freenode but require all users to register with Freenode because of spam and to ensure that both Matrix and Freenode users see each other’s messages.

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I think I have figured out what is happening and why this keeps reappearing here.

I am writing an article on our transition to using Matrix in the Pulp community.
A few months back for Pulpcon, I also presented a talk on changes in the way we communicate.
Both times, I went through the blog archive and read this post to reference the dates when we announced the probable move and then the actual move.
In the past, I have deleted this from Discourse because I worried it would cause confusion as it is irrelevant today.
When I clicked into this blog post this morning, I noticed that the widget for leaving comments was erroring out. It was doing so because there’s no discourse widget created so people can add comments.
There’s none because I keep deleting it.
So here we are again for what might be the third time.

TL;DR if some random old blog post appears in the feed, it’s probably because I deleted it from Discourse when I shouldn’t have. Then if someone reads the blog and there’s no entry in Discourse, it will reappear. mcorr is an eejit.

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Also: here is the single source of truth about communication platforms etc for Pulp: Get Involved | software repository management

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